Youtube and all it’s glorious wonders

My friend Paolo and I decided to start a thing called Request Sundays. Which is where during the week you guys tell us which topic you want us to blog about next Sunday, this could be anything from brands like Tumblr and Facebook to subjects like…I don’t know History. So get involved! You can let us know on social networks or just comment down below.

Hope this takes off or it could get awkward….

So this weekend I decided to talk one of my favourite sites on the internet: YouTube. I could go highlighting the positives about this site. There is literally only one bad thing I can think of and that is the fact that when I go on planning to watch one video, I could be watching that ‘one’ video for the next 2 hours. I love it but it has a bad effect on my grades like all social networks. >.<

There is only other thing that annoys me is the way YouTube constant dramatic change of layout an example is the new ‘lighter’ layout that offers you a more basic video page with a lot less videos. So it’s easier not to be distracted by another video. But what I don’t understand is that if a formula  is perfect why change it, right? wrong.

Except for these minor issues, YouTube is a wonderful site filled with anything and everything you could ever want, from the inspirational to the plain weird. In its own way it’s become part of the internet the way Google has and I know there are some of us that can’t live without it.

But what I really love about YouTube is the way it has provided jobs and a new kind of celebrity system online. A way to share your opinion or your music to a wider audience without needing the help of Major companies like Sony. While, some people see this as a bad thing, I believe it provides everybody with a fair chance.

Haha and maybe one day when I gather a good enough webcam, spare time, confidence and many makeup supplies I’ll start vlogging. Eventually. It’s not like YouTube’s going anywhere.

Anyways, until next time.

Jemimah x


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